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After Meeting Gavin at Meat Conference and being one of the lucky few to catch one of the thrown Droplets, I felt I had to buy some more of the amazingly cute little guys.

Droplets, they are amazingly cute, and famous. From the brilliant mind of Gavin Strange, these little guys have appeared in the cult smash hit I.T Crowd and can be found on desks, shelves and cabinets internationally (I assume). These guys aren’t toys, they are something entirely new and can easily find a home in any environment. Checkout the set of I.T Crowd and see if you spot them all in the following photo (hint: there’s 4 to find!)×1600.jpg

So during his talk at Meatconf, Gavin threw out some Droplet freebies and being the freebie grabbing monster that I am, I managed to catch one, Juno. Upon returning home with it, Sarah flipped out at its cuteness, and thus required the purchase of some other Droplets from Gavin to keep little Juno from “getting lonely”.

Droplet Juno

Running an online shop full of highly sought after vinyl toys and other eye-popping gizmos, whilst holding down a full time job at the ridiculously creative Aardman Animation Studios, it’s no surprise that Gavin can get overwhelmed with orders and sometimes fall behind on the postage arrangements for them. Unfortunately, my order was one that just so happened to be placed during a busy time for Gavin. Fortunately enough, if the Droplets were sent on time by Gavin, they would have arrived whilst I was out of the country for two weeks, and possibly caused some complications with Royal Mail, including the chance of being sent back to Gavin. Luck was on both Gavin and I’s side this time.

After much unnecessary apologising from Gavin, an extended package was shipped by next day delivery to my front door, filled with some wonderful extra goodies Gavin had thrown in as a compensation for the delay in my order. My excitement of the arrival of the Droplets was matched ten fold by my excitement with what Gavin had graciously added to the package.

Gavin Strange Package

I did mention to Gavin that I would alert him when the package arrived, so here it is:

Gavin, all the contents arrived safe and sound and our little Droplet family are sitting comfortably on our shelf. Thank you so much for the all the extras you threw in, of course you didn’t have to do such a humbling feat but Sarah and I are thankful none the less. I hope to see you again in the near future at another conference and I’m sure it won’t be long until I order the last piece of the entire Droplet family from you.

Unpacked Package

Droplet Seabass Mcpugswash

Droplet Bowie

Droplet Zombie

Droplet Family

Droplet Family 2


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